Friday, January 11, 2013

Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly

I know I'm a bit late with posting a holiday collection polish, but I didn't have time to wear or post this before Christmas so here it is now.

This is Color Club's Ho-Ho-Holly and I have to say that this isn't really my favourite one. I really wanted this to be more golden green than it was. I would have probably loved it if it was on nail like it looks in the bottle where the gold is more prevalent, but on nail it looked just too much like a regular green foil polish. I've seen swatches where this looks more gold and it probably does in the right angles, but for me it looked most of the time just green with little gold in it. And I don't like regular green polishes, so I guess I'm not keeping this one. The quality was quite nice though, so if you like the color, you might like this very much.

Lumene 3in1 Nail Ridge Filler
Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly 2 coats
INM Out the Door


  1. A gorgeous green. I own it and couldn't stop looking at my nails. I have the blue from that collection also, but haven't worn it yet.

    1. It is a nice color if you like this shade of green. :)

  2. Mullaki on tuo vihreä, mutta en oo vielä sitä kokeillu. Tikulla ainaki näyttää upealta.

    1. Tää näyttää upeelta kuvissa ja tikulla, mutta jotenkin omilla kynsillä ei tuntunu omalta jutulta. :)



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