Monday, August 18, 2014

Zoya Bubbly Collection: Swatches

I have already shared swatches of three of my original picks from Zoya Bubbly collection, but since I just bought the other three, I thought I'd do one post with all the swatches. So here they are, the whole Zoya Bubbly 2014 collection.

I used three coats with each of these polishes, no base or top coat. They all cover pretty well with those three coats, though I think these are even better layered over some other polishes.

Alma has a bright orange jelly base but the golden shimmer makes it really look like it could be almost a gold polish. It's a beautiful color, but maybe not the best match for my skintone.

Binx has a dark raspberry pink base and also that gorgeous golden shimmer and those iridescent glitters. I really love this color and once again the golden shimmer makes this a beauty.

Harper has a bright bubblegum pink base and with gold shimmer and those same bigger glitters. This is also really pretty, but unfortunately I felt like it didn't suit me at all. I do love that shimmer, but when mixed with this bubblegum pink base, it's not my type of color. Shame as it looked so pretty in the bottle!

Jesy is also orange, but this time more coral leaning, so it's definitely different than Alma. This was one of my favourites, I think it's quite unique color and perfect for summer!

Muse has a gorgeous blue base and that golden shimmer makes it look almost like a teal. This base color and the shimmer in this one is such a beautiful combo, I love it! I think Muse is also the least sheer of all these polishes in this collection.

Stassi has a bright green base and in this one too the combination of the base color and the golden shimmer is really beautiful. I thought I might not like this one and bought it just to have the full collection, but somehow I ended up liking this very much!

If I had to choose one favourite of all these six, it would probably be Muse. But I really liked Jesy, Binx and Stassi too. Alma and Harper unfortunately weren't too good matches for my skintone, but they are both really beautiful polishes too.

Which one of these is your favourite?

*Disclosure: I have gotten both Zoya polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy. 


Zoyan lakkoja voi ostaa joko suoraan maahantuojalta lähettämällä sähköpostia osoitteeseen (lakkojen kappalehinta on 15,50 euroa) tai useilta jälleenmyyjiltä, NailCityn sivuilta löytyvät kaikki jälleenmyyntipaikat. 

Binx, Jesy ja Muse on saatu alunperin arvioitaviksi, erilliset postaukset ja pidemmät suomenkieliset arvioit niistä löydät klikkaamalla linkkejä.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Zoya Tickled & Bubbly: Ling and Muse

Today I have the last Zoya Tickled & Bubbly pair to share with you guys! This time it's the gorgeous blues Ling and Muse.

Ling is such a beautiful bright blue creme that coveres with two easy coats. I have also base and top coat in these pictures as I was wearing this as a full manicure. This is really beautiful shade of blue, Zoya calls it a royal blue. I have quite many blue cremes in my stash already, but I don't think I have an exact match for this one.

Muse is a blue jelly with golden shimmer and iridescent glitters. I love how that golden shimmer makes the blue base lean more towards teal. I have three coats here, no base or top coat. I'd say this was probably my favourite one from the three Zoya Bubblys that I got for review and I think it's great that this reminds me a bit of Zoya Charla and all those other dupes for it, but Muse is still definitely not a dupe for those. It's rather a new take on the same idea.

Of course I also made a combination manicure with these two as they are pretty much meant for each other.
I have two coats of Ling here and then I did just a simple gradient with Muse on top of that. Once again, really simple but also so beautiful!

Like I said my favourite from the Bubblys was definitely Muse, but my favourite from the Tickled ones is a bit harder since I think I liked all the three that I got equally. If I had to choose I might say Rocha. But then again, some other day I might also say Wendy or Ling.

Which ones were your favourites from the Tickled & Bubbly collection?

*Disclosure: I have gotten both Zoya polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.

Viimeinen pari uunista ulos eli esittelyssä tänään upeat siniset Zoyan Tickled ja Bubbly -kokoelmista. Ling on todella kaunis kirkas sininen creme, joka levittyy super nätisti ja peittää kahdella helpolla kerroksella. Muse taas on upea sininen jelly, jossa on kultaista shimmeriä ja isompia kimmeltäviä glittereitä. Musea kuvissa on kolme kerrosta.
Tein myös tottakai lakoilla yhteisen manikyyrin, sillä nämä sävythän ovat kuin luodut toisilleen! Alla on siis kaksi kerrosta Lingiä ja päälle töpöttelin vain nopeasti hieman Musea, eli tuloksena oli todella helppo liukuvärjäys. Nopeaa ja helppoa, mutta myös kaunista!
Jos minun pitäisi valita suosikki kolmesta Bubbly -kokoelman lakasta, joita sain testiin, olisi se varmastikin tämä Muse. Sävy on vaan niin todella kaunis ja tuo kultainen shimmer saa lakan näyttämään upealta! Kolmesta Tickledistä suosikin valitseminen ei olekaan yhtä helppoa, taisin tykätä kaikista kolmesta yhtä paljon. Jos nyt pitäisi välttämättä valita, olisi valintani ehkäpä Rocha, mutta toisaalta toisena päivänä se voisi olla yhtä hyvin Wendy tai Ling.
Onko teillä suosikkeja näistä Tickledeistä tai Bubblyistä?
Zoyan lakkoja voi ostaa joko suoraan maahantuojalta lähettämällä sähköpostia osoitteeseen (lakkojen kappalehinta on 15,50 euroa) tai useilta jälleenmyyjiltä, NailCityn sivuilta löytyvät kaikki jälleenmyyntipaikat. 

Molemmat tässä esiintyneet Zoyan lakat on saatu arvioitaviksi.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pastel Skittlette With A Bit Of Everything

You all probably have already noticed that I don't do stamping nail art. I think there's maybe four stamping nail art manicures in total here in my blog and those are all also quite old. Don't get me wrong, I have tried stamping few times after those manicures, but I always seem to fail totally and I just end up with a huge mess, nothing else. When I got those MoYou London stamping plates from our last meet with the other nail polish ladies, I was really excited since I thought that maybe I would succeed finally in stamping with these plates as I had heard so many good things about them. Somehow I just didn't have the courage to test them until now... I decided to ease into my new stamping career and begin doing two stamping decal nails.

I have got total of four of these MoYou London stamping plates from our meet and I decided to start my journey aptly with a plate from the Explorer collection. This is plate number 11 and I actually got this one since I won our little nail art contest at the meet (yay!).
I ended up doing a pastel skittlette and I used quite a few polishes for these nails. I painted my thumb, index and pinky nails with Essie Urban Jungle (two coats), my ring finger with Essie Fashion Playground and I did a gradient with Fashion Playground and Essie Romper Room on my middle finger nails. Then I topped the gradient with Dollish Polish Better Not Waste and added pink and minty glitters from that same polish to my thumb, index and pinky nails. I followed an easy tutorial by Lucy's Stash for the stamping decals and did them with Konad White and colored them with Romper Room.

I thought my stamping decals turned out pretty great for a first try and also considering that I suck at stamping... So big yay! Maybe now I will have the courage to actually try to stamp something directly on my nails too. This would have really been a perfect spring manicure because of those pastel colors, but I'd say it really worked quite well in this hot summer too.

Yep, like I said, I used quite many polishes for this:

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab*
Essie Urban Jungle
Essie Fashion Playground*
Essie Romper Room*
Dollish Polish Better Not Waste
Konad White (which I forgot to include in this picture)
Glisten&Glow HK Girl Top Coat
MoYou London Explorer Plate Collection 11*

What's that gorgeous Dollish Polish you ask? Of course I had to take a close up of it:
Actually this is really cool thing, not only because the polish is gorgeous but because this is a collaboration shade that two awesome Finnish nail polish bloggers have made with Dollish Polish! Sissi from Better Nail Day and Emma from Wasting Lifestyle did awesome job with this polish, I just love it. You can't really go wrong with mint, pink and round matte glitters, and also the name of the polish, Better Not Waste, is so perfect!

*Disclosure: I have gotten the MoYou London plate from our meet. I have also gotten Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, Essie Fashion Playground and Romper Room originally for review For more information view my disclosure policy.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Zoya Tickled & Bubbly: Rocha and Binx

I have another pair for Zoya's summer collections to show you guys today. This time I have Rocha from the creme Tickled side and Binx from the glittery Bubbly side, I will share with you my swatches of those two polishes as well as a manicure I did using both of them. If you missed my previous Tickled & Bubbly post with Wendy and Jesy, you can check it out here.

Rocha is a gorgeous bright orange creme with a hidden shimmer that you can see in the bottle, but it doesn't really translate on nail. That didn't matter though as the color is sooo beautiful! This applied really well too, it needed only two coats for full coverage. I think I said this with Wendy too, but I'd say that Rocha is pretty perfect summer shade.

Binx is a dark pink jelly with a golden shimmer and bigger iridescent glitters. When I saw this in the bottle I wasn't so sure that I would like it, but I do love it on nail! The golden shimmer and the dark pink base make a gorgeous combination and those two go well together with those iridescent glitters also. 

Unfortunately I had to shorten my nails between wearing Rocha and Binx as I managed to brake my index finger nail, so you are seeing a bit different length nails and also you have to see these three fingered swatches... Sorry about that! I wore Rocha and the combined Rocha/Binx manicure before, but I didn't have time to swatch Binx alone then and I really wanted to show it to you in those post also.

So lastly I have the manicure I did with both of these polishes to share with you, and also again those longer nails...
I just did a really simple tape manicure with Rocha and Binx, and even though they are not the most obvious combination, I think they still worked quite well together. The gorgeous golden shimmer in Binx comes really alive when its topped over another polish. I only have one coat of Binx over Rocha here. Actually, there would be more obvious pair in the Tickled collection for Binx, the darker pink one called Rooney. However, I don't have that one, so I just decided to pair these two.

*Disclosure: I have gotten both Zoya polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.

Zoyan Tickled & Bubbly kokoelmien lakkojen esittelyt jatkuvat ja tänään vuorossa siis upea kesäinen oranssi Rocha ja kaunis lila glitterinen Binx.
Rocha levittyi melko helposti, kaksi kerrosta riitti hyvään peittävyyteen. Lakassa on joukossa ihan pienen pientä shimmeriä, joka erottuu aavistuksen pullossa, mutta ainakaan omilla kynsillä se ei näkynyt yhtään. Eipä tuo kyllä haitannut, lakan sävy on nimittäin ihan tavallisena cremenäkin aivan upea!

Binx vaatii peittävyyteen kolme kerrosta ja silloinkin kynsien kärki paistaa hieman läpi. Lakka levittyy kuitenkin todella helposti ja glitterit jakautuvat kynnelle mukavan tasaisesti. Jostain syystä en oikein innostunut siitä, miltä Binx näytti pullossa, mutta kun sain sen lakattua kynnelle ihastuin täysin! Kultainen shimmer ja lakan pohjaväri ovat upea yhdistelmä ja eivät nuo isommat glitteritkään pöllömmän näköisiä ole. Aivan ihastuttava tapaus siis! Nämä Bubblyt ovat ehdottomasti parhaita kerrostettuna jonkin toisen lakan päälle, mutta toimivat toki yksistäänkin kolmella kerroksella.

Bubblyjä voi toki yhdistellä minkä tahansa lakkojen kanssa, mutta niille löytyy myös oivat parit Tickled -kokoelman cremeistä. Vadelmaisen pinkin Binxin kanssa samaa sävymaailmaa olisi Tickled puolelta edustanut ennemminkin kylmän pinkki Rooney, mutta koska minulla ei tuota lakkaa ole, päätyivät Binx ja Rocha pikaiseen manikyyriin yhdessä. Yhdistelmä ei varmasti ollut kaikista ilmeisin, mutta toimi kuitenkin ihan kivasti. Binxin kultainen shimmer tulee kauniisti esiin tässä, kerrostin siis Binxiä ainoastaan yhden kerroksen Rochan päälle.

Zoyan lakkoja voi ostaa joko suoraan maahantuojalta lähettämällä sähköpostia osoitteeseen (lakkojen kappalehinta on 15,50 euroa) tai useilta jälleenmyyjiltä, NailCityn sivuilta löytyvät kaikki jälleenmyyntipaikat. 

Molemmat tässä esiintyneet Zoyan lakat on saatu arvioitaviksi.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Monthly Manicure Roundup: July 2014

July was quite a quiet month here in my blog partly because I've been really busy with work and my travel plans and all that, but also because we have had really great weather here in Finland for almost all July, so I've been outside enjoying the summer rather than sitting in front of computer. I have done some manicures last month that I haven't had time to post yet, so I'll definitely try to post more in August in order to get those older ones out and also of course post about current ones too. But at least I managed to do some posts in July, so I can do this monthly manicure roundup!

 In July I did:

I also did some swatches and comparisons for you guys.

In my Zoya glitter gradient post I also shared the swatches of Jesy and Wendy.

And lastly I also shared my travel plans with you guys. 

Any favourites in these July posts?

Previous Monthly Manicure Roundups:
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