Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Eggs Skittle

Are you guys (like me) soooo over all the crackle polishes that you don't even know why you got any of them in the first place? Don't know what to do with those crackle polishes any more? How about some very fun, easy and cute Easter nail art?

I painted each of my nails with different colors and then just added some China Glaze crackle called Crushed Candy on top. I used chevron nail vinyls to make the line look edgy, of course you can do it just with your free hand too. I was going for something like a broken eggshells look, and I think this turned out to be quite cute Easter manicure. It's not too obvious one, but still you can probably tell what it's all about.

We all got these same crackle polishes from our meet and honestly I was a bit afraid that I couldn't figure out any interesting way to use this since all my other crackles have just been sitting in my helmer and I haven't been using them at all. But the color of this crackle is pretty nice and at least in this manicure the crackle effect looks quite fun.

Index: Essie Go Ginza (two coats)
Middle: Zoya Neely (two coats)
Ring: L'Oreal Lemon Meringue (three coats)
Pinky: Essie Bond With Whomever (two coats)
(thumb is Zoya Blue)

I also wanted to say couple things about that beautiful light yellow L'Oreal Lemon Meringue that I also got from our meet. I have tried couple different light pastel yellows before but they all have been really difficult to apply, but this L'Oreal one was quite a pleasant surprise! I did have to use three coats, but they went on really easy and the wide brush made the applying so effortless. So now I finally have a nice light pastel yellow in my stash, yay!

Disclosure: I have gotten China Glaze Crushed Candy and L'Oreal Lemon Meringue from the goodie bag from our meet. Also I have gotten the other polishes that I used in this manicure originally for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.  

Tänään vuorossa pikainen pääsiäismunamanikyyri. Miitistä saatu China Glazen crackle Crushed Candy pääsikin yllättäen melkolailla heti kynsille, kun keksin, että sillähän saisi aikaa hauskat pääsiäiskynnet. Pohjaväreinä tässä skittlessä toimivat Essien Go Ginza, Zoyan Neely, L'Orealin Lemon Meringue ja Essien Bond With Whomever (peukalossa Zoyan Blu).

Lakkauksessa käytetty L'Orealin haalean keltainen Lemon Meringue on myös miitistä saatu ja olen siitä varsin innoissani, sillä viimein kokoelmista löytyy vaalea keltainen, jota pystyy vaivoitta myös käyttämään! Lakkaa joutui toki laittamaan kolme kerrosta, mutta se levittyi ilman minkäänlaisia ongelmia ja lakan leveä suti teki levittämisestä todella vaivatonta.

Quick Tutorial: Another Use For Peel Of Base Coat

I have a really quick tutorial to show you guys! But first, be sure to check out my previous meet series post too if you didn't see it already.

I already did a review of IsaDora Peel Off Base for it's usual use as a base coat, but I just recently saw Colores de Carol's post about gradient nails and OPI Glitter Off base coat in another use, so I wanted to try if this would work with the IsaDora one also. And it did, so I wanted to share it with you too! So basically, these peel of base coats work also really well when you are doing gradient and you want to protect your skin around your nails for any excess mess. I also tried this with water marbling, so I'll show you that at the end of this post, but first let's see the Peel Off Base with gradient.

So first I painted my nails with white base color for the gradient (Essie Blanc) and after it was dry I used the Peel Off Base and painted it roughly around my nails. You don't have to do it too neatly, just be sure that you don't paint it over your nails.

Then I let it dry few minutes, so it looked like this.

Then I just did the gradient as I would normally do sponging with two colors.

After I was finished with the gradient, I just carefully pulled off the the base coat from my skin. You can of course apply top coat and wait your nails to dry a bit before removing the Peel Of Base, but I wanted to apply the top coat after I had done the cleaning. Just be careful that  you don't smudge your nails.

After I removed the Peel Of Base I only had just a little cleaning to do, so this was very easy and fast!

You can check out the finished manicure and gradient in this post.

Like I said, I also tried this with water marbling:
So as with the gradient you just paint your nails with your desired base color (mine is again Essie Blanc) and wait it to dry. Then you apply the Peel Off Base. With water marbling in mind you might want to use the base coat for a bit bigger area than with gradient as water marbling can be quite messy. You can also apply the base coat to the skin under your nails if you want to.
Again after the peel off basecoat has gotten dry enough, you just do your water marbling like you would normally do it. Then once again you just remove the base coat carefully. It might be a good idea to go around your nail with a toothpick or orange stick or something similar along your cuticles, just so you don't end up pulling off the polish on your nail when you are removing the base coat off your skin.
As you can see, there's again very little clean up to do afterwards, how nice! After cleaning up just little you can apply your top coat and you're good to go. I'll show you this manicure completed later this week, so stay tuned!
I know IsaDora Peel Of Base isn't too widely available and it has been even hard to get here, so if you can't find it, I'm pretty sure that the OPI one works just as well.

Have you guys tried any peel of base coats for this kind of use?

Disclosure: I have gotten IsaDora Peel Off Base originally for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.

Ajattelin julkaista teille vielä pikaisesti vinkin Peel Off -aluslakan toisesta käyttömahdollisuudesta. Itse käytin tässä IsaDoran Peel Off Basea, mutta varmasti esimerkiksi OPIn vastaava toimii myös mainiosti, kuten Colores de Carol -blogissa, josta alunperin idean tähän sainkin.

Eli lyhykäisyydessään peel off aluslakkaa voi siis käyttää kätevästi suojaamaan kynsien ympärystän ihoa esimerkiksi liukuvärjäyksiä tai vesimarmorointia tehdessä. Molempiin tekniikoihin tämä toimi itselläni ainakin varsin mainiosti ja siivottavaa jäi aluslakan kuorimisen jälkeen todella vähän. Aluslakkaa siis levitetään kynsien ympärille suurinpiirtein niille kohdin, mihin ylimääräiset sotkut liukuvärjäystä tai vesimarmorointia tehdessä syntyvät. Aluslakan kannattaa antaa kuivua muutaman minuutin, niin että se muuttuu värittömäksi ja tämän jälkeen liukuvärjäyksen tai marmoroinnin voi toteuttaa normaalisti. Lopuksi vain kynsiä varoen poistetaan aluslakka iholta ja viimeistellään lakkaus. Helppoa, nopeaa ja ennen kaikkea kätevää!

*IsaDoran Peel Off Base on saatu alunperin arvioitavaksi.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meet Post Series: Edgy Polish - Cirque XX

So we decided to do a little something different regarding our last week's meet and the products we all got. We are doing like a little post series together with all the girls, so every day you'll find one post in one of our blogs about the sponsors of our meet and the products that person got. Misify's started the series yesterday with her post about MoYou London and today I'm going to tell you more about Edgy Polish and one of the most gorgeous glitter toppers ever! But be sure to follow the other girls' blogs too, you'll find new posts in their blogs every day at 19 o'clock in the following order:

17.4: Katjamaria
18.4: Misify's
19.4: TalkandBake
22.4: Kynsille
23.4: Dazzling Glow

So, like I already told you in my goodie bag post, we all got one gorgeous polish from Edgy Polish in our goodie bags, two ladies were lucky enough and got two! I had the chance to see all these polishes before they went to all those goodie bags since they came to my address and I have to say that I kinda wanted to keep them all just for me, they were all so pretty! But that wasn't really an option and it wasn't really that bad to share all the gorgeous polishes with the other girls since I'm sure everyone was really excited with the polishes they got!

If you are not familiar with Edgy Polish yet (though you really should be!), it's a Swedish online store that sells mostly handmade polishes from different independent nail polish creators. Being an European nail polish blogger/lover can sometimes feel a bit hard since it feels like majority of shops and brands and everything come from US and nice polishes are sometimes harder to get here. That's why I'm always so very happy when a shop with nicely wide range of different brands and polishes is situated here in Europe. It usually means better access and lower shipping rates! This is the case with Edgy Polish too, their shipping costs within EU are only 6,50 EUR, which is really reasonable. They also have wide range of different brands with some of my favourite brands like A England, Too Fancy Lacquer, Shimmer Polish and my new favourite Cirque.

Speaking of Cirque, I was so incredibly lucky at our meet that I got Cirque XX from my goodie bag! Oh my, isn't it gorgeous!? It's truly one of the pretties glitter topper polishes I have ever tried on, so of course I had to share with some swatches of it with you guys.

I used here one coat of Cirque XX over three coats of Essie Find Me An Oasis and I also applied one coat of top coat over XX to make it totally smooth. XX is truly a rainbow in a bottle, it has over 20 different types of glitter particles in it and it's not even enough that they are all in different colors as many of them are even holographic! It's truly awesome!

XX was really easy to apply, you get enough different types of glitters with one coat, but also you don't end up with too dense piles of glitter either. It's really a perfect amount for it to look good as a glitter topper.

Did I already say that I love it?! I thought it worked well paired with this really light blue Essie, but I'm kinda eager to try it out with some darker base too. Maybe I'll try to do a some sort of glitter gradient with it, that would certainly look really awesome!

What do you guys think, is this a gorgeous one or what?

Don't forget to check out Katjamaria's blog post tomorrow, she's going to write a little someting about my favourite nail polish brand. Can you guess what that is?!

Also big thanks to Katjamaria and Misify for taking couple of pictures of the polishes they got from the meet for me to use in this post!


Tänään siis vuorossa miittiringin toinen postaus (ensimmäinen löytyy Misifyn kirjoittelemana täältä, jos ette ole vielä sitä nähneet). Tarkoituksena on siis esitellä miittimme sponsoreita ja saatuja tuotteita teille vähän eri tyylillä, miittiringin seuraavia postauksia voitte käydä kurkkimassa sitten muiden osallistujien blogeista, lista löytyy tuon englanninkielisen tekstin alkupäästä. Huomenna kuitenkin kannattaa kurkata klo 19 Katjamarian blogiin, siellä saatatte törmätä minun suosikkilakkamerkkiini.

Edgy Polishilta saimme siis jokainen jonkin ihanaisen lakan, itselleni sattui Cirquen XX ja voi kuinka kaunis lakka se onkaan! Kuvissa on siis yksi kerros XXää Essien Find Me An Oasiksen päällä. Jos Edgy Polish ei ole kauppana vielä teille tuttu, niin kannatta ehdottomasti käydä kurkkimassa! Sieltä löytyy laaja valikoima vähän erikoisempia lakkoja, suurin osa indieitä. Esimerkiksi ihanaista A Englandia saa täältä, lisäksi valikoimissa on muitakin ihania merkkejä kuten Too Fancy Lacquer, Shimmer Polish tai vaikkapa jo mainittu Cirque. Postikulut Suomeen ovat varsin kohtuulliset, vain 6,50 euroa.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bloggers Visit To Glitter and Some Hair Styling Tips

I have so much posts I need to share with you guys that you are going to get a second post today, yay! Don't forget to check out my earlier post about my goodie bag from the meet. Also we just started a little post series with all the girls that participated in the meet and I'm going to do my post of the series tomorrow, but Misify started the series today with her post about MoYou London, so check her blog about that if you haven't already.

Anyhow, in this post I'm going to tell you more about our visit to the accessories and fashion store called Glitter. Glitter is originally from Sweden, but currently they have shops in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland. Our little blogger group got to visit one on Saturday as a part of our meet here in Joensuu. The whole store was reserved only for us as we visited it after the closing time, so we had a great chance to take a look at all products and even test them and try them on if we wanted to.

Glitter sells all kinds of accessories from jewellery to scarfs and phone covers and also a huge amount of all sorts of hair products. This time we all mainly concentrated on the hair products as Glitter has just recently published their new hair guide and we got to hear about that one a bit and try out all different hair accessories and products.

There were really so many interesting things to test and try, for a while I was even a bit overwhelmed about it since I just couldn't figure out what to get as I wanted them all!

The two lovely ladies from Glitter also helped us try some of the hair products on ourselves. Here you can see their ponytail tool in action. This was such an interesting product that you can use to get more volume to your ponytail. In Glitter's blog you can see what tool looks like and a little tutorial for it too, though that is in Finnish. Interesting, huh?! I'm not sure if it would work for me though since my hair is quite thin, so I'd be afraid it would show, but still it seemed like a really simple thing that you can use to get something extra for your regular ponytail.
They also had many different flower hair accessories, these long ones are a great way to spice up your braid. Quite a nice look for summer!

One of the two lovely girls from Glitter (sorry, I'm really embarrased, but I don't remember her name) had this awesome but really simple hairdo done with a donut-shaped padding and a small hairband with flowers. Love it! This would be really a perfect look to wear as a wedding guest or some other summer occasions.

They also had some little treats for us as well as some sparkling wine, how sweet was that!

We also all got little something to take home with us! They gave us of course that new hair guide, but we all also got a temporary hair color (I got a blue one), some hair bobbles and a little hair spray with a really cute little bag. I love to wear those bobbles at night, now I have some really bright colores ones, so maybe those won't get lost so easily... :D I'm not sure if the blue hair color is really my thing, but I think I need to try it out anyhow. I really love that hair guide, there's so really good hair styling tips there and also of course some products that I seem to need desperately... It's seems to be infact quite dangerous to read it since my shopping list to Glitter grows every time.

I also bought couple of things my self. I needed to have that minty flower hairband as it was so cute! I also got a rose gold hair clip (gorgeous color!) and a that hair lasso thing, which I believe I had at somepoint in the 90s, haha. (The flower hairband was 11,90e, the hair clip 4,90e and the lasso 3,90e).

Glitter has some really great hair tutorial videos, that you can check out here. The site is in Finnish, but you don't really need to know Finnish to watch those videos. There are many hairdos that I will definitely want to try!


Lauantaiseen miittiimme kuului yhtenä osana vierailu Joensuun Glitteriin, jonka saimme itse asiassa kokonaan itsellemme, sillä pääsimme käymään siellä sulkemisajan jälkeen. Tämä oli ihan mahtavaa, sillä saimme vapaasti katsella, koskea ja kokeilla kaikkia eri tuotteita. Glitter on taas julkaisut uuden hiusoppaan, eli jos sinulla ei vielä sitä ole, kannattaa ehdottomasti poiketa Glitteriin sellainen hakemaan. Siitä löytyy paljon kiinnostavia tuotteita ja vinkkejä erilaisiin kampauksiin! Vinkkejä kampauksiin saa muuten myös Glitterin opastusvideoista, löysin sieltä jo useampia kampauksia, joita haluan ehdottomasti kokeilla!

Kannattaa muuten kurkata Glitter kanta-asiakaskerho myös, jos Glitterin uutuudet, erikoistarjoukset ja kanta-asiaksillat kiinnostavat. Jäsenyys on ilmainen ja liittyä voi täällä.

What Was Inside Of My Goodie Bag?

I know you are all dying to hear what I got in my goodie bag from our meet, right? Well, you don't have to wait any longer as here it comes!

Here are all our awesome sponsors! In addition to nail polish and nail related products, Cloetta sponsored our meet with all the delicious candy that you already saw in my meet post, but they send us so much that everyone got to also take home some sweets and chewing gum. Also I told a little about our visit to Glitter, but you'll have to wait for details about that to another post.

But for now, are you guys ready to take a closer look at my awesome goodie bag?!
This time we worked hard with Misify and Katjamaria to get some great quality products for the goodie bags, so instead of quantity we invested in quality. Though of course because of all our lovely sponsors, there were still really pleanty of stuff for everyone to take home after the meet.
Sooo, here's what the inside of my goodie bag looked like. So many awesome things, right?! In the upper picture I have all the products I got from the goodie bad itself and in the lower one is my raffle prize.
We all got to choose two stamping nail art plates from MoYou London for ourselves, which was really amazing! I haven't tried these before, so I'm really excited! I chose Pro Collection XL 06 and Mother Nature Collection 05 and we all also got a stamp and a scraper. But then, like I told you here, I was in luck and won the little nail art contest that we had and so I got to go home with two extra plates, another stamp and scraper and some face cream samples. These two plates that I won are Greek Mythology Collection 06 and Explorer Collection 11. Lucky me!

And if this wasn't enough, I was also really lucky as I got the most awesome glitter polish Cirque XX that was sponsored by Edgy Polish! Isn't it gorgeous?! Katarina from Edgy Polish was so kind that she packed all our polishes individually and also included little sweets in those little bags, incredibly sweet of her! Everyone got one polish, all from different brands and also we got to raffle two polishes since two girls couldn't unfortunately make it to the meet. I only had one Cirque lacquer before this, so I'm so so happy to have another one and I can't wait to try this one. Actually, you might see it here really soon, so stay tuned. ;)

I also got two new gorgeous Zoya polishes from Beach & Surf collection, one from my goodie bag and one from the little raffle. The ones that I got are beautiful reddish orange foil Myrta and a gorgeous warm pink with awesome golden shimmer called Kimber. I loooove my Zoyas so I'm really happy about these two also! NailCity sponsored our meeting with the full Beach & Surf collection, so everybody got at least one new Zoya to take home with them and some lucky ones like me got two!
L'Oreal Finland gave us all one Essie from Encrusted Treasures collection and one L'Oreal Paris Color Riche spring pastel polish. The Essie I got is of course the infamous Belugaria, but I'm actually quite excited about this one since I've seen couple really nice looking manicures lately done with this one and I really want to make this work for me too. Also I don't have any black textures in my collection. The L'Oreal polish is a really soft yellow called Lemon Meringue and I really hope that this is at least somewhat easy to apply since I don't have any soft yellow cremes in my collection and I could really use one!
We were all also really excited about the products Kauneudenkauppa gave us all! Actually some of the girls got their first OPI polishes, so it was really great! I got the vivid red/orange called My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours and OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go. Can't wait to try out these two too!

Berner sponsored our meet with quite a pile of goodies. They sent us some new IsaDora Wonder Nail shades as well as those spring Sugar Nails Pastels. As you all well know, I already have those Sugar Nails polishes (check out my swatches of those polishes here if you haven't already), so I gave the two I got to the other girls. But still got to go home with two IsaDora polishes: Ipanema Beach and Savannah Gold. We all also got Sally Hansen Rehab nail care products in Cuticle Rehab and Nail Rehab. I already also got these two to try out, but second pair isn't so bad either since you always need some nail care products, right?!

Those two IsaDora lacquers look really similar, but they aren't: 
Savannah Gold looks especially interesting, I hope it coveres at least a bit as it looks quite sheer in the bottle. We'll see about that!

Then we also all got some moisturizing lotions, nail files and China Glaze Crackle polishes from Consult Lady. I kinda hoped that they would have sent us something other than crackles, since I don't use those pretty much at all nowadays, but this color of this Crushed Candy is quite nice, so maybe I'll figure out some cool nail art to do with it?! 

MiMax was our sponsor too and they gave us all some useful cuticle oils and a discount code to their store. At least now I don't have any excuse for dry cuticles since I have three different cuticle oils to try out!

Last but not least we of course did some swapping at the meet also and here's what I got! I swapped couple of my polishes and got in return Zoya Robyn, Gina Tricot Alexis and OPI Are We There Yet?. I also bought another Gina Tricot polish, the gorgeous pink called Shimmer Pink and that sample of Burt's Bees Hand Salve I got for free from Mimosa. 

I'm so very happy with everything I got from the goodie bag, from the little raffle, from winning the nail art contest and from swapping! I really can't wait to try these all pretties, so big thanks to all our awesome sponsors for making this all happen! Like I said, you'll be seeing at least one of these new products here in action real soon, so stay tuned. :)

Lastly, I forgot to include this one great picture in my get-together post, so I'll include it here since this is pretty much how our meets look like most of the time! If it's not the nails, nail polishes or other products that we are taking photos of, it's the food!

So, what do you guys think about my goodie bag? So many nice products, huh?! Anything that you'd like to see first?


Tänään esittelyssä miitistä saadut tuotteet. Postauksen linkit ovat vain teidän hyödyksenne, itse en hyödy vaikka käyttäisitte niitä. Suuren suuri kiitos vielä minun puolestani kaikille ihanille sponsoreillemme, tästä riittää testattavaa vielä pitkäksi aikaa!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Nail and Beauty Blogger Get-Together

As you all have probably seen, we had a really great meet yesterday with local nail and beauty bloggers. In this post I wanted to share you guys with some pictures of our meet as well as some details about it.

We started the meet with some welcome toasts served here by our always-so-lovely host Katjamaria. I had the pleasure of organizing this event from the beginning to the end with Katjamaria and Misify. It was once again so much fun to organize one of these things and I have to say that it has also been real pleasure working with these two lovely ladies! I love those two girls and it's so great that through nail polish I have had the chance to get to know these two girls and also of course all the other nail and beauty bloggers too. Our little blogger group here in Joensuu is truly a great one!
Once again we had truly amazing sponsors and I can't really even begin to thank them all enough for all the nice products they sent for us all! I'll tell you more about my goodie bag and all the sponsors in another post, so you'll have to wait a bit for that one still.

All the girls were really excited about their goodie bags and it took a while to go through what everyone had in their bag. I'd say this time we really had so many quality products in those goodie bags that at least I'll have really interesting stuff to try out for quite a while. And I think it's safe to say that everyone else agrees to this too.

Then we also of course had quite delicious food and drinks for all, if I may say so myself! 
Cloetta sponsored all the sweets, chocolate and some chewing gum for our meet and all the other stuff was made by Katja, Misify and me. This time we also made some drinks ourselves: some citrus drinking toasts and strawberry punch. But don't you worry guys, they were both non-alcoholic. ;)

We also wanted to figure out a little something fun to do in the meet, so we had a tiny nail related quiz for the girl. I'd say everyone did quite well, eventhough some questions were pretty hard! We even had a little prize for the winner: some nail art tools from SannaTara and a lovely Essie nail polish from L'Oreal. Mimosa from TalkanBake got the best score so she won the quiz and the prize.

We also had a little raffle where everyone got to choose one prize. It was incredibly hard to choose what to get!

We also had the little nail art contest that I already told you about when I posted my nails. I was lucky enough and won that by one vote, so I got two extra MoYou stamping plates and some skin creme samples, yay! If you are interested to see what kind of nails the other girls did, you can check out my post here about that.

Then we also of course had do to some swapping, I managed to swap couple of my polishes and get some really pretty ones to try!

After all this we also did a little visit to Glitter, but I'll tell you more about that on another post too, so this won't be an overly long one.

Once again I had really great time with all the seven other bloggers! I love these type of things as it's really great to spend time with girls who share your love to nail polish and beauty. Thanks again for everyone who participated, I hope to see you all soon again! Also of course big thanks the two other lovely hosts and our amazing sponsors too!

I'll leave you with a list of all the other bloggers' blogs, you should definitely check those out if you don't know them already:

Eilen meillä oli siis täällä Joensuussa kevätmiitti ja tällä kertaa kokoonnuimme kynsi- ja kauneusbloggaajien kesken. Katjamaria oli tarjonnut kauniin asuntonsa miittipaikaksemme ja toimin yhdessä Katjamarian ja Misifyn kanssa jälleen kerran miitin järjestäjänä. Meillä oli tälläkin kertaa joukko upeita sponsoreita, mutta niistä ja saaduista tuotteista kerron teille myöhemmin!

Aloitimme miitin omatekoisten drinkkien saattelemana ja pienen alkujutustelun jälkeen kävimmekin heti goodie bagien kimppuun. Kaikkia uusia ihanuuksia hetken melkoisen kauan tutkittuamme, siirryimme syötävien kimppuun. Cloetta sponsoroi miittiimme ison kasan karkkia, suklaata ja purkkaa, muut tarjottavat valmistimme Katjamarian ja Mirkan kanssa itse. Juomatkin olivat siis omatekoisia ja itse asiassa nekin jopa onnistuivat varsin kivasti! (Ja älkää turhaan huoliko, ne olivat siis alkoholittomia ;))

Järjestimme tapaamiseen myös hieman ohjelmaa pienen visailun, kynsikilpailun ja arvonnan muodossa. Kun olimme saaneet myös hoidettua perinteeksi muodostuneen kirppistelyn suuntasimme vielä Glitteriin kuulemaan hieman hiusvinkkejä ja tutustumaan tuotteisiin muutenkin, mutta kirjoittelen tuosta vielä tarkemmin myöhemmin.

Kiitoksia vielä minunkin puolestani kahdelle muulle järjestäjälle, kaikille muille osallistujille ja tietysti myös sponsoreillemme! Minulla oli ainakin ihan huippukiva päivä!


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